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Portuguese for Foreigners

Our Portuguese courses are designed to meet the needs of foreigners coming from all over the world. Therefore, we offer two sorts of programs, one aimed at Latin languages speakers and another aimed at other languages speakers. Taking these two different groups into account, our selected materials, books and complementary activities target the specific demands of these two different groups in order to achieve effective learning results.

Cultural Focus

In addition to the Portuguese idiom, foreigners learn and explore Brazilian culture and customs. Our teachers are prepared to teach relevant aspects of Brazilian society and are aware of providing students with an immersion into the country and into the learning process of the language.

Communicative Approach

Students learn all features of the Portuguese language (speaking, listening, reading and writing skills) through a practical and enjoyable experience that encourages effective oral communication to match the goals of their chosen program.

Updated and Authentic Complementary Material

We provide students with the latest editions of books for Portuguese learners as well as complementary support through articles, videos, games and other materials specially designed for adult learners. Having this supplementary material inserted into the program allows our teachers to manage their time and focus on preparing classes more effectively.

Courses and Programs

In order to suit your needs, Idiomas To Go is committed to offering you a different set of courses and programs. You may attend either one-to-one  classes or group classes.

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